Group: Toy

Height: 6-9″

Weight: 2-6 lbs

Types: long coats and smooth coats

Colors: any

Physical Traits: small, graceful, fragile

Hair Type: long or short

Personality/Temperament: alert, saucy, confident, bold, alert, adaptable, tender, sensitive, hardy, may be hard to introduce new family members once adult, protect from injury may provoke larger dogs to fight

Maintenance/Special Needs: short hair- long hair more time grooming, not to live outdoors, protect from cold and hot weather, good traveler, very alert-some bark in warning often


Origination: Mexico


Bred For: companionship


Identifying Traits: smallest of all dogs


Ideal For: lapdog, house dogs, apartments, companionship, travel, watchdog


Good With Kids? no, too fragile for small children


Life Expectancy: 12-14 yrs

The Chihuahua

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