My advice for breeding dogs is to include only dogs of excellent quality in a breeding program. I hear so many people say that a certain bitch isn't for show but it is a brood bitch. I think that is so wrong. If the bitch doesn't have the qualities necessary for it to be successful in the show ring, why would you want to have that bitch's genes in your gene pool? Bitches contribute half of the genetics to the puppies, they are not just puppy incubators.

I would advise a newcomer to be patient, study the breed, and network with breeders that you respect. I receive calls from new people all of the time wanting me to sell them a BIS quality puppy. For one thing, I cannot promise a puppy will grow up to be a BIS winner. If I do have a really exceptional puppy at 5-6 months, I am going to keep it for myself or sell it to someone that I have known for several years and that has proven him or herself, not to someone with no track record that may not be in the breed in two months.
I like to see an overall good dog with several attributes that are outstanding, whether it be head, topline, legs etc. I have been seeing a lot of dogs with poor balance. The standard say SLIGHTLY longer than tall. To me that means no more than one inch. There are a lot of dogs being shown now that are over 2-3 inches longer than tall. There are also many dogs with short legs. I use the ratio of the distance from the withers to the elbow is equal to the distance from the elbow to the floor. Any defects that compromise the health and welfare of a dog are intolerable. I have very little tolerance for bad bites, especially undershot and wry. I like to see the muzzle to be slightly less than a third to a third the total length of the head.
-Linda George, Ouachitah Chihuahuas

Chihuahua puppies are adorable. But breeding and showing dogs is not for the faint at heart.  There are disappointments and heartbreak.  You need to be “wired” for this to stay in it for the long haul and remain successful.  We are dedicated to the Chihuahua and know not the word “quit”.  Ouachitah and Lone Pine Chihuahuas is committed to being a  conscientious guardian of our beloved breed. It brings us great pleasure to share our dogs with others and to see how much joy they bring into the lives they touch.

We take the responsibility of breeding our dogs seriously. We strive to produce a mentally sound dog with excellent temperament, and a physically sound dog that conforms to the AKC standard. We breed ONLY finished or pointed dogs of excellent quality. If a dog is not for showing, it is not for breeding.  It is impossible to estimate a litter entirely on the number of champions it contains. But that number of champions is an indication of the merits of the litter as a whole.

Ouachitah and Lone Pine Chihuahuas does not take the idea of selling our Chihuahua puppies lightly.  We feel that the buyer should enter into the commitment of a new puppy with the same forethought. This will aid in securing an outstanding partnership for life. Our puppies are never placed into their new homes until a minimum of 12 weeks of age.

Genetics and environment are key contributors to the development of the puppy and ultimately determine the characteristics that will be expressed as an adult. Environment can be continually modified (for better or worse) throughout growth and development, however, an animal’s genetic potential is, to a degree, fixed at the time of conception. Traditionally, nutrition has been characterized as the supply of necessary building blocks for organ and system growth.

Clearly this remains vitally important; however, it is becoming increasingly evident that nutrition can also significantly impact the achievement of genetic potential in the puppy in ways not previously appreciated. Such is the case with increased puppy trainability with appropriate dietary concentrations of DHA. The benefits of improved trainability can have long-lasting effects by strengthening the owner-companion animal bond and thus increasing the likelihood of a puppy’s successful integration of the puppy into various environments, work or households.

While better nutrition cannot overcome inferior genetics and/or training programs, it certainly should not be a puppy’s limiting factor. This clearly points to the importance of continuing to expand nutritional horizons beyond the current dogma and identify opportunities to fulfill the puppy’s genetic potential through optimal nutritional support. (taken from Impact of Maternal and Post-Weaning Nutrition on Puppy Trainability. RL Kelley*, AJ Lepine, MR Shyan-Norwalt. JR Burr, and GA Reinha

Chihuahua puppies require lots of socialization.

REMEMBER to socialize, socialize, SOCIALIZE your new puppy!

After your bring your puppy home, give him time for adjustment to his new surroundings and new family, and after your Veterinarian says that he has had all of the vaccinations he needs to protect him from serious canine diseases, it is time to socialize him! This is the crucial time to lay the foundation for a loving, positive, relationship with your Chihuahua . It is extremely important for your puppy to have positive experiences now, when being introduced to all kinds of people, animals, and sounds, etc., that he will encounter in his lifetime. Join a local AKC obedience club and participate in their puppy socialization classes. Talk to your Veterinarian, Breeder, and Trainer for tips on how to safely and properly introduce him to unfamiliar dogs and other animals.

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