Ouachitah Chihuahuas began in 1969 when Linda George purchased her first Chihuahua shortly after graduating from high school. On her way home from Church one Sunday she saw a dog show sign at the local school and went back later that day. Her family already had two pet Toy Poodles in their home, so  she figured that if her parents would let her have another dog in their home, it would have to be the smallest dog. Linda read a book about different breeds of dogs which said that Chihuahuas are the smallest breed. That was actually how Linda made her decision to get a Chihuahua!

Her parents agreed to let her have a show dog. She researched Chihuahua books at the library and read the standard many times. Still, she made the mistake most new show dog purchasers make and bought a young puppy. She was very cute and when she compared her line by line with the standard, she was nearly perfect. That was at two months of age. By the time she was six months old, she was obviously not a show dog.

Linda didn't breed a litter for five years after purchasing that first puppy. She was in college and had little money to buy the quality of dog she really wanted to show and eventually breed. Fortunately Linda was smart enough not to breed that first pet bitch. She did show her in conformation and learn how to handle. This experience was character building. Linda learned humility and how to lose gracefully.

After graduating college and having a job, Linda was finally able to buy a real show dog. While on vacation showing obedience in Canada, Linda saw a beautiful smooth coat male shown by an older couple. She inquired about the dog and found out they had a young male of similar breeding for sale. Linda went to their home and met the dog that was to become her first AKC champion.

Many things have changed over the years but her passion for the Chihuahua and focus on the betterment of the breed has been constant. Ouachitah Chihuahuas have left their paw prints throughout the Chihuahua world. In over 40 years as a breeder, Ouachitah Chihuahuas has produced two of the top sires in the history of the breed, Ch. Ouachitah Beau Chiene (#1 with 105 champion offspring) and his litter brother, Ch. Ouachitah Kodiak (42 CH offspring). Ouachitah Chihuahuas has bred the only Chihuahua to ever win the Toy Group at Westminster, Ch. Ouachitah For Your Eyes Only. We have also produced several Best in Show and national specialty winners. We were honored to be chosen as AKC's Toy Breeder of the Year 2002.

Lone Pine Chihuahuas began with larger dogs many years ago and we have had great success in the “dog world”. We met our first Chihuahua, Molly, when a contractor doing some remodeling work here began arriving early every morning withh his trusty companion in tow. It was interesting to watch the incredible bond and wonderful interaction between this “rugged” man and his pint size pal. Molly introduced us to the Chihuahua breed and we just had to bring a Chihuahua into our home.

We believe that it is our thorough, comprehensive, wide-reaching understanding of dogs in general, and our three decades as a top breeder of the working German Shepherd Dog in specific that makes us quality breeders and exhibitors of the Chihuahua. It is ONLY through experience and true knowledge of one’s animals that the Chihuahua breeder/exhibitor Is able to make the best possible choices in selecting animals for breeding, Companion homes and the show ring. We believe very strongly that in a perspective breeding, both the male and the female should be show quality. It is due to most breeders’ significant, and sometimes complete lack of intensive knowledge of the breed and of their own breeding stock that has led to poor breeding practices and the damage of so many beloved breeds of dogs.

We understand good temperament. There is nothing more wonderful than a good moving Chihuahua with sound temperament. We show in AKC Conformation with our dogs. Our goal is produce a healthy, structurally sound, beautifully moving dog with a sweet, outgoing temperament that dispels the common perception of Chihuahuas as being yappy, anti-social aggressive dogs. One must work hard, have a strong desire to succeed, and have a good eye for the breed. We have produced many BISS,Top Twenty, Regional, and National breed winning Chihuahuas. Our dogs have sired several BIS winners to date. At Lone Pine Chihuahuas, we strive to produce the best Chihuahuas possible and exhibit the ones that stand out in a crowd.

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